Wipeout 2 1.0.2

Take on athletic challenges like you see competitors do on the famous television game show

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Wipeout 2 is a fun game that takes everything you love about the hit television show and turns it into a game that you can play on any Android device. It includes elements and scenes right out of that show.

If you ever watched the show before, you know that it puts contestants through the wringer. They need to jump across balls on the water, throw their bodies through holes in boards and do other tasks that are difficult. Those watching at home often laugh at their antics and say that they could do better. Thanks to this game, you now have the chance to see how you would fare on that show.

Wipeout 2 is an endless runner game, which means that it doesn't have an endpoint. When you load the game, you'll run as fast as possible and try to get through as many levels as you can before failing. The game lets you pick from different characters such as Annie the Conqueror and includes some custom options for changing your overall look. Before you pick a character, you can view the skills of each individual. The game shows you rankings in terms of speed, air control, recovery and slide. Those features give you an idea of how well the characters will perform on the course.

When you fail a level, the game will give you a tip that will help improve your run the next time around. Those tips can get a little repetitive though, especially since the game repeats them the longer you play. Icons on the screen pop up as you move through the course to let you know when you hit a bonus and how many points and in-game money you won. It also features a countdown timer on the top of the screen to let you know how much time you have left.

Unlike other endless runner games that only let you play with one character, Wipeout 2 lets you build a team filled with other characters. The more characters you have, the further you can go in the game. It includes a Game of the Day that is only available for the next 24 hours. You can play that game and start the full course over again whenever you want. A few players found that the game didn't respond as well as they wanted or that it caused their characters to veer off course. As long as you have steady hands and love obstacle courses, you'll get a kick out of Wipeout 2.


  • Recreates the thrill and excitement of the real life game
  • Includes different themes from around the world
  • Easy to play
  • Features funny scenes and elements straight out of the show
  • Lets you create and play as your own characters


  • Endless runner games can feel repetitive or boring
  • Has a long wait time unless you want to spend real money
  • Doesn't always follow the actions you selected

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